The cultural global mindset

    After reading and viewing the assigned resources create a thread that provides your insights on the following:

        Compare and contrast the assigned readings and videos in the context of the cultural global mindset . 
        Analyze suggested methodologies of the authors and speakers to the advancement and improvement of cross-cultural leadership.

    Be sure to include your thoughts about the journal article you selected for this week.  Include the citation for the article as well.

    Read and Review
    Steers, R.M., Sanchez-Runde, C.J., Nardon, L. (2010). Management Across Cultures. ISBN 978-0-521-73497-4 (Chapters 3 and 4) concerning culture, values, and worldviews, and the managerial mind culture, cognition, and action.

    Why You Need Cultural Intelligence (And How to Develop It) Forbes, 2015   

    Kiss, Bow, Or Shake Hands  – Self-select a country from this book for consideration in your post

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