the bluest eye

    Choose one of the options below and write an essay of at least 2000 words. You are required to BASE YOUR ARGUMENT on The Bluest Eye, and use appropriate quotations and analysis. 1. What message is Morrison sending her reader about survival in The Bluest Eye? 2. How is pain and anguish a part of The African American experience in The Bluest Eye? 3. How is the idea of victimization displayed in The Bluest Eye? 4. How is fear a factor in the lives of African American in The Bluest Eye? 5. How is music and sound used to show Chollys and other characters state of mind? 6. What does it mean to be free like a musician? Discuss this as it relates to the Bluest Eye. 7. African Americans in The Bluest Eye live in a world of insults. What might have been Morrisons reason for pointing this out to her readers? 8. How is parental abandonment demonstrated as a vicious cycle in The Bluest Eye?

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