The 2007-08 global financial crisis

    Topic: The 2007-08 global financial crisis has revealed a disastrous effect of excessive risk taking by banks and highlighted the importance of the banking sector in the economy worldwide.  As a response, the Basel Committee proposed the new Basel III Capital Accord on 1 June 2011 to regulate bank risk taking and promote financial stability. 

    ( Not more than 3,000 words)

    1.    Outlines theories of financial intermediation that explain why financial intermediaries/banks exist. 
    2.    Describes and illustrates with examples risks faced by banks. 
    3.    Explains the rationale for banking regulation. (HIGHLY IMPORTANT).. linking the current set of rules of Basel III and a brief discussion on how these rules can foster financial stability. 
    It is suggested that the report should be balanced in attempting each sub-question.

    Reports must not exceed 3000 words, excluding any appendices and references.
    Reports must be properly referenced using the Harvard referencing system.

    Use 8 different references and must be available online with the link. plus check the document. (Dont add more than 8 reference).

    -Must include tier 1…
    -and tier 2? Fully cover revaluation results .. bonds.. etc..
    -Focus on Basel 3 (III)

    (Assessment criteria )
    Organization and presentation 

    The structure of the report is clear and logically organized, with appropriate use of subheadings and paragraphs. The report sticks to the key focus of the question. A coherent and connected line of argument is developed. The report is written in concise plain English with attention given to grammar and spelling. Appropriate references are given, and a full bibliography is included.   

    (Knowledge – Theories, concepts, application )

    The major issues and arguments are addressed. Theories, concepts and data are relevant and selected to support and illustrate the arguments. Use and application of theories, concepts and data are correct and support the interpretation being made. Sufficient and relevant references are consulted.

    (Evidence of critical thought )

    The report offers a comprehensive and critical evaluation of the results. The report discusses the limitations of the theory in the context of the policies analyzed and the wider literature.
    (Action points )

    Ways in which the research, writing and presentation of the report could have been improved. 

    Typical band descriptors for a report: ( highly important)
    Work which is largely and predominately characterized by evidence of:
        Outstanding ability & critical thought
        Evidence of extensive reading / research
        Superior understanding showing significant signs of originality & in-depth understanding
        Ability to present well-structured and persuasive cogent argument
        Excellent grasp of appropriate critical concepts

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