Tesla’s Core Competency Strategies

    You will be helping me in proposing 2 core competency strategies for Tesla Inc. for their next steps. 1 strategy should be New Business Creation, and the other should be Market Segmentation.

    This strategy is the end product of a 50 paged internal and external analysis of Tesla Inc. That being said, it is the most important part of this assignment.

    I will attach you a summary of my internal and external analysis to help you with your strategies.

    I will attach you 12 steps grading rubric that will be used in grading the strategy. Your strategy should follow these steps.

    I will attach you a finished example of the report, and the strategies are located starting in Page 10. Remember, only New Business Creation and Market Segmentation, since I will do the other parts myself.

    I will attach a book on business strategy only if you ask for it since the size is pretty big.

    That being said, you have to be proficient in formulating an out-of-the box strategy for Tesla that fits the criteria that is desired.

    Times New Roman, 12 pt font. Each Strategy should be 1 page single spaced, since there’s no option for it, I asked for 2 page double spaced for each strategy.  BE CLEAR WITH YOUR STRATEGY.

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