TEDTalk Critique

    Persuasive Speech – Assignment 3: TEDTalk Critique (40%)

    The primary purpose of this critique assignment is to expose and assess participants knowledge on the fundamental aspects of persuasive speech.

    Participants are required to choose a TEDTalk video where the speaker
    demonstrates elements of persuasive speech.

    Based on the selected video, provide a critique highlighting how the speaker uses
    elements of persuasive speech to convey his/her talk and attract the attention of the

    The critique should be about 900-1000 words.

    Highlight 2 points for discussion with relevant elaboration, discussion and example.

    Include illustration at specific time stamps to substantiate the arguments presented
    in the critique.

    Please pay special attention to coherence of discussion.

    There are no right or wrong answer to your critique, as long as your critique is well

    Use MS Word or any other compatible word processing programme.

    TEDTalk to critique: https://youtu.be/i_w5vfWPuMo

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