Ted Talk 3

    Ted Talk (TT) #2

    Type the assignment in a word document with your name, date, and assignment title on
    the top.
    o Use 1 margins, 12 points, Times New Roman, and Cite your sources on a separate
    reference page, following the ASA style guide.
    o Watch the TT assigned in its entirety (range from 7 -20 minutes the YouTube video above).
    o While watching, look for something that the presenter says that you feel is particularly
    noteworthy and quote it in your essay. Use quotation marks, followed by a citation.
    o Connect the quote of the presenter to something you learned in a chapter in Cohen. To
    make this connection, provide a quote from the chapter. Use quotation marks. Cite Cohen
    like this: (Cohen 13) in your writing.
    o Finally, explain the connection you make in another 1-2 paragraphs (the quotes do not
    count). Tell the reader why anyone should pay attention to this connection. If the
    connection is relevant to your own life, it is okay to provide a personal example in your
    o Double space your writing in the document.

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