Teaching Reading in English as an Additional Language

    2000 word essay. On the basis of the critical analysis you wrote in part 1, you should design a lesson plan for developing an aspect of learners reading abilities (e.g. vocabulary/fluency/expository skills/critical literacy skills/reading motivation etc.). Your lesson plan should be accompanied by a commentary, outlining how theory and research have informed the lesson plan.  You should attach the lesson plan to assist illustrations (the lesson plan will be included in the final word count, but additional materials such as worksheets/textbook samples etc. will not).
    In designing your lesson plan, you should:
    o    Identify the theories that will frame your design
    o    Consider how the research critique you wrote in part 1 will inform your design.
    In writing your commentary, you should:
    o    Clearly indicate the rationale behind the lesson stages, drawing on reading theories and research to justify your decisions.
    o    Critically analyse potential issues that may arise and reflect on how you would monitor these and respond to them (e.g. in a mixed ability class (as most are), how will you ensure that the individual needs of your learners are met, while also meeting curriculum goals?).

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