Synthesis and Extension Essay

    When and where did this image appear and for what purposes was it made? What meaning does it hold for those involved in producing the image, viewing it, or circulating it? (See page 319 of Writing Moves for an expanded version of this question.)
    What ritualized displays of identity are presented in this image? Remember that while the displays from The Codes of Gender identified displays related to gender, you may consider other elements of identity here as well (race, socio-economic class, regional identity, sexuality, and so forth). It may be interesting to harken back to Jacksons essay from Unit 2 here, as well, as you think about the impact of what Goffman calls commercial realism on viewers.
    In what ways is visual grammar working here? Return to Ch 14s terms of visual design here.
    How is audience addressed? For this question, you may find it useful to return to the Imagining Readers Badge for prompts relating to the beliefs and demographics that a text addresses in relation to an intended audience.
    How is meaning performed here? Remember that in Chapter 14 we see multiple people performing the identity of Rosie the Riveter to convey specific meanings through memes, advertisements, or for personal use. If you have selected an image that has a larger cultural meaning, like Rosies image, how is your text working within this textual ecology?
    Your final paper should be a minimum of 1000 words long.

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