supreme court case

    Case Briefing and Discussion:

        The law of criminal procedure is constantly evolving.  Although your textbook addresses the principal legal decisions governing criminal procedure, there are a litany of additionally rulings on criminal procedure which have been issued by the United States Supreme Court, the lower federal courts and by the appellate courts of each state.  In this assignment, you are to author a short essay regarding a United States Supreme Court or state Supreme Court decision rendered within the last two years on an issue of criminal procedure.  In order to fulfill this assignment, you must do the following.
    1. Select a United States Supreme Court or a state Supreme Court decision of your own
        choosing which was rendered at any time since January 2017 and which addresses an issue of
        criminal procedure (i.e., search and seizure, detentions and arrests, suspect interviews). 
    2. Read the case.
    3. Write a 3 page discussion about the case (in the format described below) in which you do the
        a) provide a complete citation for the case;
        b) summarize the underlying facts
        c) explain the issue being decided by the court
        d) describe the courts ruling or conclusion
        e) explain the courts reasoning for reaching its conclusions
        f) summarize any concurring or dissenting opinions; and
        g) explain your personal views on the courts ruling and reasoning.

            Short Essay Format
        Your short essay must be a minimum of three pages, double-spaced, with margins no
    greater than 1.25, in Times New Roman or Courier New font, no larger than 13 point.

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