Stroke :Acute management

    Literature Review
    To construct this assignment, students must:
    Select, research and explore a topic of interest that is relevant to “stroke prevention”, “stroke risk”, “stroke onset” or “the management of patients less than 5 days post stroke”.
    Construct an essay that has a title (30 words), an abstract (<250 words) and a main body of text (<1800 words) include references from Australia too.

    Selecting the right topic: select a topic that is not too hard on two fronts: Firstly, make sure that there is enough evidence out there as this will mean less time wasted in endless searching. It is best to avoid obscure topics. Secondly make sure that your topic has real life value and will be useful to you in the future and in turn, useful to people at risk of stroke, or directly affected by stroke. Make sure that your topic is relevant to stroke prevention, risk, onset and/or the management of patients <5 days post-stroke

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