stress analysis

    I.    Introduction: List your top 3 stressors and state how you decided on them.

    II.    Analysis and Discussion

    A. Stress 1.
    B. Stress 2
    C. Stress 3

    Make a separate heading and write an analysis and discussion for Stressor 1, 2, 3, 4. Try to include or reference the Five Dimensions of Holistic Health from chapter one: Physical, Intellectual, Social, Emotional, and SPIRITUAL. Address how your stressors are currently affecting your life.

    III.    Conclusion, Summary, and Reflection

    What have you learned about yourself?

    What relationships, if any, do my stressors have with each other?

    What part of my stress is due to my own thinking, perception, or attitude about the situation? What part do my own personal habits play into my stress?  What do I need to change? (just generally, with no details). The details will be provided in your last paper: Action Planning

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