Strategy course Case analysis-autonomous vehicles:smooth or Bumpy Ride Ahead?

    ***Writing requirement***
    Each student will complete a case analysis to reinforce and develop critical thinking skills.
    You are currently (February 2020) a strategic product development manager at Lyft in Boston focusing on New England markets. 
    1.Do an external analysis of the AV industry from the perspective of your company (in other words focus only on the ride sharing industry)
    2.Conduct a thorough scenario planning analysis for Lyfts New England market, looking into the future; 3-5 years from today.
    3.The individual case write-up submitted must include an executive summary.  Your deliverable must resemble a document that you would hand to your manager with the understanding that she may share the document with other people.  Do NOT follow a question answer format, but rather create a professionally formatted analysis
    4. In 1,700 – 2000 words or less (cover pages, appendices, etc. do not count toward the word limit):

    ***other important requirement***
    This is a typical structure I envisage but you can you can choose one that fits your style.

    Cover Page

    Executive summary/Introduction

    Analysis – There are specific lectures we have done for this and you can use the very frameworks we have provided and worked to in our lectures. Keep the focus on the specific companies such as Lyft, Uber or any other of your choosing. You can be specific in your analysis and restrict to issues in the case, if you choose to review other sources limit them to one or two at most.  There is no need to go overboard with this.

                  External Analysis

                  Scenario Planning




    As ever, please do not forget to cite your work and that the case should be in the case analysis format, not in an outline formation and not in a question answer format.

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