strategic management

    1- the report prefer to be about Etihad airways or EMAAR in the last 10 years.
    2- illustrate and write about the strategic positions of the selected company in the market.
    3- the report should focus also about the culture of the company and their strategic approaches.
    4- the report should contain full of real information and facts and adressing the questions in the uploaded material. Kindly don’t write a general information only it should be real and more in the strategic and world market competition.
    5- report should contain real resource and references such as annual reports, government reports, etc….
    6- include PESTEL analysis, and fire forces framework, SWAT analysis, and identify the external and internal threaten companies
    7- all of lined solutions related to the addressed questions should be realistic and logic and can assist the company to perform better as will as recommendation.

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