Strategic Assessment of Southwest Airlines

    This is a 9 page Strategic analysis, with extensive research on Southwest Airlines, and write a thorough strategic assessment  that is to be written on a doctoral level and completed as follows:

    You should adopt the role of a consulting team that has been asked to examine Southwest Airlines and to provide (a) strategic judgments regarding the key strategic issue and problems facing the company with supporting evidence and sound logic (b) multiple alternative courses of actions available to the corporation and assessments of these options; and (c) specific recommendations with a supporting plan of action.

    Page 1: “Executive summary” of the key problems and associated recommendations discussed in further detail in the report.

    Pages 2-3 What are the key findings from your external and internal analyses?

    Pages 4-5 What is the strategic issue of this firm? (Based on your comprehensive analysis above)

    Pages 6-7 What are the most promising strategic options this firms management should consider?

    Page 8-8.5 Which recommendation is the best among the strategic options?

    Page 9- Conclusion.

    Use a healthy variety of sources (S&P stock and industry reports, value line, trade journals and newsletters, popular press (eg, Time, Newsweek), newspapers,business press (eg, Business Week etc.), company sources, academic sources, etc.)

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