Strategic advise for Raynair

    You have been asked by Ryanair to evaluate their current strategic plans and to give strategic advice to the board of directors. Would you recommend any changes to Ryanairs approach?
    Please write an academic paper in which you give Ryanair strategic advice. This assignment will account for 100% of your final grade for this course. The basis for this assignment is the business case: “Ryanair: the low fares airline always getting better?” which can be found on page 622 of your coursebook. It is mandatory to use this case for this assignment. Please hand in your assignment via Canvas before the deadline, for only then will your paper be assessed. Canvas will automatically check your work with anti-plagiarism software. The assessment matrix, which can be found under modules, will be used to assess your paper.

    General guidelines paper:
    Academic paper
    4000 words! (+/- 20%, excluding the title page, the abstract, the reference list and the appendix)
    Use the provided Ryanair case
    Find extra data/articles on Ryanair for your analysis
    Incorporate relevant course literature
    Use APA-style of referencing
    Deadline: Friday 13 March 17:00 hrs.
    Write an academic paper in which you give Ryanair strategic advice.
    Introduce Ryanair and the management problem and create a research question.
    incorporate (and use) the relevant class materials to analyse the situation at Ryanair.
    It is a necessity to find extra data/articles on Ryanair, on the internet, to use as input for the models & concepts that you’ll choose to use. Only articles from renowned media (Economist, The Guardian, New York Times, Bloomberg, etc.) can be used as an extra data source on Ryanair.
    Conclude your paper with advice, based on your analyses, to Ryanair

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