Story of Hernando Washington

    Identify an issue/concept/theory that triggered your curiosity during this module and write a two-part essay which:
    -1 Presents the issue/concept/theory in question.
    -2 Shows how that issue/concept/theory is applicable in real life.

    Your essay is expected to contain accurate, relevant, original content and be well written. You will be graded on the relevance and quality of your essay within the context of the course topic.
    The essay should be seven-pages long and should be divided into two equal parts.
    The first part should present a theoretical concept or idea covered in the relevant module. You may pick any idea/concept/issue covered in the previous six weeks. You will need to present the idea/concept/issue in detail for approximately half of the length of the essay. You will also need to substantiate your idea/concept/issue by citing different authors relevant to your chosen issue/concept or theory.

    The second part should link your chosen idea/concept/issue to real life. For example, if you decide to explore the concept of authoritarianism as seen on Week 13 (Power and Politics) or the concept of Marxism as seen on week 3 (Foundations of the Social Sciences), you will need to show how your concept is relevant today by talking about an authoritarian country of your choice or new forms of Marxist practice developed in some fringe communities in North America. Here too, you may use outside sources.

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