Storage Management

    During the Hands-On Lab, you utilized various tools to work with storage disks. In previous activities, you also created users, groups, and resources. As your system grows, storage management becomes increasingly important because “there is only so much to go around.” Part of storage management focuses on ensuring you have a proper backup of your system configurations and data. In this module’s course project assignment, it is pertinent to capture an image of your workstation–both for recovery purposes and image deployment. Create an image preparation plan for Windows 10, a popular Linux Distribution, and Mac OS X 10.x. The plan should utilize either built-in tools or third-party solutions and include an image maintenance plan.

    This assignment addresses the transferable skills of digital fluency and information literacy. You will demonstrate your ability to:

    Independently navigate to and open an Internet browser to use its interface to access simple Internet Technology.
    Evaluate digital resources by relying on search engine results and distinguishing relevant digital materials from irrelevant materials.
    Create digital files by employing a template to create a document in the proper file format that incorporates built-in software tools for integrating graphics and other enhancements.
    Collaborate digitally using digital tools to enter contact information and directions to access specific websites to retrieve digital resources.
    Select credible sources and cite them according to APA standards.

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