statistical studies

    The project (to be completed individually, projects that are similar will be cited for plagiarism and will receive a zero and
    will be reported):
    1. Find two articles (not blogs or opinion-based articles) from a newspaper, magazine, or reputable source on the
    A. The first should be about an experimental study that has been done.
    B. The second should be about an observational study that has been done.
    C. Cite the sources of the articles (APA or MLA format).
    D. Submit your project and articles in D2L before 11:59 pm, Friday, October 30.
    Note: They can be on any topic. You will attach the articles (or url links cited correctly) to the end of your project. Here
    are a couple of links with lists of articles you may choose from, or you may find your own based on personal interests:
    Google Search: statistical study articles
    2. For each article (experimental and observational):
    A. Write a paragraph that is at least four sentences long summarizing the study. Yes, spelling and grammar count.
    B. State if it is an experimental or observational study.
    C. Address (with at least one paragraph each) all 8 guidelines for reading statistical studies. They are in a box on
    page 309 of your textbook, and explained from p. 309–315.
    D. If it is an experiment, discuss the treatment, and whether it had a control group. Also talk about whether it was
    single-blind, double-blind or neither.
    E. If it is an observational study, discuss whether it was case-controlled, and if so, explain.
    F. Write a concluding paragraph of at least four sentences summarizing your thoughts on the article based on the
    guidelines you described in part C.
    Note: If something from the guidelines is not mentioned in the article, talk about the problem of that being left out.
    Article attached 4 Observational
    Article attached 4 Total
    Summary 5 Summary 5
    question D
    4 Answered question E 4
    Guideline 1 4 Guideline 1 4
    Guideline 2 4 Guideline 2 4
    Guideline 3 4 Guideline 3 4
    Guideline 4 4 Guideline 4 4
    Guideline 5 4 Guideline 5 4
    Guideline 6 4 Guideline 6 4
    Guideline 7 4 Guideline 7 4
    Guideline 8 4 Guideline 8 4
    5 Concluding
    Totals: 50 50 100

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