Statement of Purpose

    The Statement of Purpose is an opportunity to demonstrate to your application reviewers why you wish to pursue a doctoral degree at the  University, and also to showcase graduate-level writing abilities for their consideration.

    In approximately 500 words, explain how your personal background and your professional and academic experiences have equipped you to pursue and succeed in this doctoral program.
    In approximately 1,000 words, describe the intellectual, policy, or practical problem you have encountered in your academic or professional experience that would be the focal point of your research and explain why. Indicate what knowledge and research skills you may need in order to make a substantial contribution toward solving that problem. Describe how you see a doctoral degree from our University preparing you to make this contribution.

    25 years of law enforcement. Rose thru the ranks to become a CEO of an Law Enforcement organization. Community orientated policing expert.

    Problem: Address the need to evaluate social agencies. They are mostly ineffective because of poor policies and and poor performance by government employees who are not held accountable to produce at a high level. Just waiting for retirement. Is there normal response. I want social programs to deliver high quality service to the under-represented community.

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