stalin’s success in the power struggle was due more to his ruthless ambition than to his policies

    Paragraph 1: Tactical decisions

    General Secretary of the party- decided who was in the party – was seen as trustworthy and unlikely to cause factions.
    Told Trotsky not to go to Lenin’s funeral.
    Stayed out of the left as they were tearing themselves apart.

    However, Stalin had luck. Lucky that the testament was not read out.

    Paragraph 2: Policies

    Socialism in one country
    Rapid industrialisation – popular policies gained Stalin support.

    However, Stalin’s policies were not consistent. Stalin’s ambitions were greater than policies.

    Paragraph 3: Weaknesses of opposition

    No power base for Trotsky – fears that he could be a dictator plus arrogant and questionable loyalty
    Zinoviev and Kamenev both underestimated Stalin until it was too late.

    However, Stalin was tactically smart – used his role to get in his supporters.

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