For this assignment, you will utilize the sports product, service, or event that you selected in Unit I, and you will address the prompts below in a two-page essay.
    Identify the concepts and strategies utilized in the pricing of your sports product, service, or event.
    Identify pricing concepts and strategies that will promote your sports product, service, or event.
    Prepare a pricing plan that will explain the various pricing options available in the sports marketing mix for your sports product, service, or event.
    Below are other items listed that you may want to include in your paper (you are not required to include all of these items; they are just here to help inspire your paper):
    competition: price/non-price;
    consumer demand: elastic/inelastic;
    cost: fixed/variable;
    discounts: quantity/seasonal;
    internal/external factors;
    price: adjustments/reductions;
    social concerns; and
    Utilize at least one of the articles below to assist you with this assignment.
    Drayer, J., & Rascher, D. (2013). Guest editors’ introduction: Sport pricing research: Past, present, and future. Sport Marketing Quarterly, 22(3), 123128. Retrieved from
    Shapiro, S. L., Dwyer, B., & Drayer, J. (2016). Examining the role of price fairness in sport consumer ticket purchase decisions.  Sport Marketing Quarterly, 25(4), 227240. Retrieved from
    Your assignment must be at least two pages in length, not counting the title page and references page. Include at least two sources to support your findings; one of those sources must be an article listed above. All sources used must be referenced and cited per APA Style guidelines.

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