speed and velocity

    Write a short paragraph about your understanding of the differences in speed and velocity.Use examples and talk about the units associated with them. (3 sentences)
    Then, write a short paragraph to talk about how the distance/time graph can provide information about speed and velocity. (talk about the angles of each line on the graph and what they mean)- choose 5 from the list below and talk about them)- Minimum of 6 sentences.
    Line going down
    Line that is horizontal
    Steeper lines versus flatter lines
    Curved lines up
    Curved lines down
    Then provide a story for the graph above to demonstrate your knowledge of how a distance/time graph works.
    Next, provide a character name for your story of the graph above.(Billy Ray, Sallie Kate, Bob the Walrus, etc)
    Talk about each segment at a time in order from left to right.
    Segment 1 is from 0-5 seconds,
    Segment 2 is from 5- 10 seconds
    Segment 3 is from 10-15 seconds
    Segment 4 is from 15 -18 seconds
    Segment 5 is from 18-20 seconds
    Talk about the speed the object/person/or animal is travelling in each segment
    Talk about which direction the object/person/or animal is travelling (meaning to or away from where there starting point is)

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