Spain 130

    Regional Profile 5: Southern Spain (Part 2): Andalucia, Gibraltar, Tangiers

    Assignment: Please watch the following video on Southern Spain. The videos in this series were done by Rick Steves, a famous travel author. They are very informative and give you a fantastic look at the different regions of Spain. What I am asking you to do is this: Take notes you watch the videos and then submit those notes in Canvas in Regional Profile 5.

    People take notes differently, so it is difficult to give a length requirement. Instead, please follow the guidelines below.

    What I am looking for is this:

    Prove that you watched the entire video(s) carefully by including notes from all sections of it (from beginning to end). If in doubt, add MORE details. Err on the side of caution, but use your best judgement. You do NOT need to write down everything you hear!
    Make note of important PLACES, DATES, PEOPLE, etc. from EACH PLACE THAT YOU VISIT {Tangier, Gibraltar, Ronda etc.} Make sure the importance of the item is clearly stated (i.e., dont just write a random name/date/fact.)
    PLEASE USE COMPLETE SENTENCES. You might have to pause the video to do this part, but it will help me.
    You are welcome to submit handwritten notes that are scanned in and attached. You may also type them directly into the textbox for this assignment.
    You MUST include a brief concluding paragraph outlining which place from the video you would most like to visit. It can be a city, a museum, or any other attraction.
    Points will be deducted for VAGUE, INCOMPLETE, UNINTELLIGIBLE, or UNREADABLE responses. This is an unstructured, fun, and easy assignment, but the onus is on you to make it readable and understandable.
    Note: Do not under any circumstances use parts or all of the transcript for this video as your submission. Taking notes is NOT the same as transcribing the video and you are not being asked to write down every word you hear. If you do this, I will assume you took the material from a transcript and at a minimum I will assign a zero for that grade. [This might seems harsh, but it happened seven times last semester so I want to be crystal clear about this up front.]

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