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    Guidelines for Argumentative/Proposing a Solution Paper

    Topics that are not allowed:  Abortion, Capital Punishment, Religion (nothing about morals, values, ethics), Love, Hate (anything intangible)

    Topics that are allowed:  Think Controversy, Think New and Up-to-Date, Think Concrete

    3-4 pp.

    Paper and all attachments, including rough draft and articles, stapled at the time it is turned in

    Underlined Thesis which appears in the first paragraph (the introduction), preferably the last line of the introduction

    2-3 outside sources — not from a .com site; sources must be attached to the paper

    Paper must include at least one citation from each source and sources must be correctly cited; use your handbook, hand-outs on syllabus , and/or writing center if you need help

    Must include a works cited page

    For an argumentative paper, follow the guidelines in your book that begin on page 124

    For proposing a solution, follow the guidelines in your book that begin on page 145

    Absolutely no 1st person (I, we), not even in the introduction; no second person (you, your, you’re);  if I see first person or second person in the paper I will not grade it

    Address, refute, and concede if necessary, the opposition

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