Society overview

    The single most important characteristic of the society
    Now that you have analyzed all four stories, see if you can describe each of the underlying societies with one word or a short phrase (up to four words). This is the overview of the society, it is more than a summary. You have to think about whether the different heroes/villains and religions, classes, etc. have something in common and how each of the four societies is unique.

    Assignment directions
    1. Review the four stories (using the versions and editions below). and your last three papers. See if you can describe each underlying society with one word or a short phrase (up to four words) that distinguishes it from the other three, something different from identifying it by region or time period or story. It should demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the society. It might help if you considered which society you’d most like to live in (leaving aside bad food, etc.) if your time machine got stuck there.

    2. Describe each of the four societies with the one word, supported by specific details from the related story.

    3. Organize your paper by society. Discuss each society separately.

    Use only the information from the four sources below (and the Lecture Notes and plot summaries in the unit if needed). I want your analysis, not something you found on the Internet on the subject.  Work alone. If there is an editor’s introduction, you can read it along with the plot summaries I provided, but your analysis should be your own and based entirely on the actual story.

    2-3 pages, 12 point font, 1 inch margin all around, double-space. You don’t need a title page or Works Cited since you are only discussing the four sources which you will identify in the first paragraph or as soon as you start discussing them. Since you are discussing four different sources, be very clear which one you are discussing at a particular time. Use proper American English spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and paragraphs.

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