Social stratification and consumption. From a critical analysis of Marx and Weber to class identification through taste of consumption

    I have a paper of 3000 thousand words but it is really bad and I need someone to fix it/ rewrite it. Basically the course is called culture and identity in a globalised Europe and the final paper should be on one of the core topics discussed throughout these months: culture, identity, globalisation, modernity. Its mostly philosophy and sociology and it can be either kept at a theoretical level or applying a theory into empirical examples. I chose in my first sit to talk about the relation between consumption and social stratification relying on Bourdieus ideas in his book distinctions. By doing so I would like to first introduce Marx and Webers idea on class stratification, leading the discussion towards an analysis of the relation between culture, consumption and social class segregation. Our current society is defined and driven by consumption, wherein big corporates and powerful businesses dominate the small ones. Moreover, there can be a tangible example here by comparing different extents of consumption and cultural capital to the privileged nature of higher educational systems. The high-ranking class can afford the best education while the low class are barely left with the chance to dream about college. I provide even my course manual with further instructions, weekly tasks and reading materials. Below you can find attached my paper, course manual and evaluation on my first sit by my tutor. I need this exam to graduate so Id really appreciate your help! ( I even added a sample paper of last year that you can take inspiration from)

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