Small Business Strategies

    Write the Justification (sort of a mini literature review) where you refer to the literature.
    You are presenting the reasoning and rationale that will justify your study. In ch. 2 you will be much more comprehensive and will explain the literature. **

    Write the Background section (this should explain any relevant background information
    concerning the industry, the organization (s) involved, etc.).**

    Write the Purpose Statement (the intent of the study – what you will and will not do).

    Write the Research Questions section

    Write the Key Terms section. **

    Suggested Word Counts

    Justification of the Study (2 pages)
    Background ( page)
    Statement of the Problem ( page)
    Purpose Statement ( page)
    Research Questions ( page)

    This is a end of program project — please adhere to APA guidelines and use academic peer reviewed articles. Use attached document and already completed problem statement for guidance

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