simulation games

    follow this guideline.


    I hope you are doing well. I am attaching an article I have written that I need to submit to a journal early next week (on Monday).

    Can you please:
    read the article and give me any comments you ave (anything regarding the text, clarity of the sentences, typos, etc.)
    Can you also please help to put the article in the required format. This is explained in the copied text below.

    Please make this your priority for tomorrow (Thursday) and send me the revised article (with any changes as a result of the points numbered 4 and 5 below by Sunday 1 pm.

    Thanks for your support and best regards
    Tim Rogmans

    4. It is vital that all authors comply with submission format requirements. General information about SAGE journals  is available on the SAGE website at

    Simulation & Gaming is at

    I have attached submission in PDF format and these are available at 
    5.    Some key point for you to note are

    o  Use a structured abstract that conforms to requirements
    o  Use the APA referencing format
    o  Use a DOI in the reference – for everything that has one”

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