Self Justification

    1)      Course work

    a.  What is the dependent variable in the Kumanyika article?  Can you name at least 3 independent variables that impact on this outcome/dependent variable?  How are these operationalized? (This should be at least 150 words)

    b.  Based on the readings attached, what new concepts apply that might you further deepen your understanding of the situation in your social cognition essay?  Note some specific terms and ideas from the Aronson chapter 3 that can be applied to your situation.  What other insights do you have based on this set of readings? (This should be at least 400 words)

    All readings needed will be attached : chapter 3- self justification from the social animal by Elliot Aronson with Joshua Aronson. Twelve edition. The Social Cognition Essay, Kumanyika article, impacts of cognitive dissonance and  the role of cognitive dissonance in the pandemic.

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