Selecting The Right Candidate (External)

    For this assignment, imagine that you are the Vice President of Human Resources (VP of HR) for CapraTek. The Western sales division has had more turnover than any other part of the company. Since 2010, there have been six different sets of directors and deputy directors for the organization. In three years, the Western sales division has lost 80% of its clients. The other sales division has only lost 2% of its clients. The marketing-science office at the corporate level has been deeply involved in redesigning product development and sales processes, which have become more complicated. It has also become harder for customers to qualify for financing. These actions, while presented as quality efforts, have not led to positive outcomes. Over time, these conditions have raised prices above all competitors. While the organizations products are of great quality, it could be some products are over-engineered and possibly too taste specific.

    Aside from the low morale, the level of turnover at the senior ranks of the division has done harm to employees at all levels of the division. Frontline sales professionals, supervisors, support staff, support leaders, middle managers, and stakeholders are confused about quality standards and approval stages. The CapraTek CEO and COO have consistently selected sales directors and deputy directors from outside the organization, but all were soon terminated for poor performance. The next set of directors was selected internally from the sales professionals, and they were also terminated after about 18 months. Additionally, the job description for this position has been studied and refined multiple times; this is not the issue or answer for this assignment.

    Your Challenge
    As the VP of HR, consider the following actions and for each one:

    Describe whether you would execute this action.
    If you would execute this action, explain how and why.
    If you would not execute this action, explain why not.
    Actions to Consider
    Seek consulting services: Seek consulting services from a professional search firm that will take the place of the company human resources staff performing the recruiting effort. The private search firm will search for candidates and conduct pre-assessments and interviews before the final candidates are presented to the company. Please provide evidence as to why this would be a good decision.
    Hire from within: Continue to hire candidates from within the organization using the current process of allowing HR and the CEO and COO to make the selections. Provide evidence-based rationale to support your decision.
    Conduct an external search: Begin an intense internal search within CapraTek for director and deputy director positions to be run by HR, leading to a robust list of candidates for consideration. Describe why or why you would not take this course of action.
    Assignment Instructions
    Prepare a 34-page paper that states how and why you would take each course of action, or if you would not take a specific action, explain why not. All three Actions to Consider must be addressed. Along with your recommendations, include the following:

    Analyze options available for addressing issues with employee turnover, product development and the sales process, rise in product prices, and operational morale.
    Weigh the pros and cons of taking each action.
    Determine whether you would take each action.
    Explain how available options could be executed.
    Explain briefly what steps you would take to accomplish any of the actions you would choose to take.
    Provide the rationale for each decision to either take or not take a course of action.
    Describe key factors that influenced your decision.
    Include material from your references to support your conclusions.

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