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    The form of this piece is not traditional, and it is not a traditional length.  The chorus, which begins at 0:00 and ends at 0:30, is repeated, concluding the second time at 1:00.  This is not a blues form, but it can be represented schematically as AAB.  That is, there is an A section, which is then repeated; and the B section that follows is the same length as the two A sections combined.  How many bars do you count in the chorus (0:00 – 0:30)?

    Describe how this trio of musicians phrases the melody together.  Describe how Evans uses chords to support the melody.  Does is sound written?  Is it harmonized?  Is the trio unified? Describe what LaFaro plays during the melody.  Is he just keeping time? After the melody Evans begins his solo at 01:01.  How many choruses does Evans solo?  How many choruses does LaFaro solo?  How is the melody played at the end of the piece?  What style or styles  characterize this piece; bop, hard bop, cool, or modal?  Explain in detail using what youve learned from the Lessons about these particular styles.

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