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    For the A4, in an email format to me, uploaded as a PDF:

    1.    Identify the problem (e.g., topic) that you will be researching as result of your insights from the Final Report Proposal, A2.

    2.    Find 4 sources relevant to this problem/topic:

    Primary source: Interviewee (Subject Matter Expert) or a survey of the class vetted by the instructor or observations of work processes (not people) or analysis of original company documents.
    One published research journal article published in Canada or about Canadian businesses or Canadian issues. Use the Canadian business database. Ask a librarian. 
    One newspaper or magazine article on the issue published in Canada.
    One Internet article from recognized industry or trade journal or professional association as sourced from the Ibisworld database.

    3.    Using APA style references, write a description of each of the sources:

    Summarize/describe in a few sentences what the source is about.
    Assess the relevance of this source.
    Reflect on how this source will fit into your research and support your arguments.

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