Sealed Bids and Competitive Proposals

    Sealed Bids and Competitive Proposals
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    Read the assigned brief for this week, McClure Electrical Constructors, Inc. v. John H. Dalton, Sec of the Navy (pp. 76-80).

    Prepare a brief about the case and be prepared to discuss it during the class

    Briefs should be no more than 1-2 pages but must include a section for each of the following: the facts of the case, the legal issue, and the legal principle applied in the case as it relates to this week’s class.

    The facts section of your case brief should include the following information (if obtainable in the casebook excerpt): the cause of action (g., a suit for replevin, breach of contract, and so forth), an identification of the plaintiff and the defendant in the case by party name, the operative facts of the case that led to the dispute between the parties, the trial court/jurys holding, and the appellate courts holding. Also, ensure that you address any questions within the notes and questions section of the case.

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