School shootings

    I need a research paper on school shootings. I will need it to be written in APA style format. I want the main research question to be “How does school shootings impact children’s and teens mental health” and the question needs to be stated clearly in the introduction, it also may contain a summary of the structure of the rest of the paper and the goal of this paper. I will also in the end need a conclusion, refrences to be positioned correctly and a bibliograpy. (I need about 10-20 sources).

    Table of Contents is required. I will need a chapter about Gun culture in U.S., firearms legislation in 8 countries (U.S.A, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Iceland, Switzerland, Finnland and Venesela). I need a chapter were  you define what school shootings are and examples of school shootings. A chapter were the main research question is answered and the final chapter to be about the future of the firearms legislation.

    And it would be great if you used simple words as I will have to translate the paper to Icelandic.

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