Salary Inequities Case Study

    Salary Inequities Case Study

    Purpose of Assignment 

    The purpose of this assignment is to give learners' experience in  conducting a human resource management case study in a fair and  equitable manner. Please refer to the resources below to assist with the  assignment. 

    Assignment Steps 

    Resource: Human Resource Management: Ch. 11; Supplemental Resources.

    Review the "Application Case Salary Inequities at Astra Zeneca" (page 379 of Human Resource Management). 

    Develop a 1,050-word report including:


    • Discuss questions 11-13, 11-14, and 11-15. (Evidence of discussions taking place will be gathered from the Learning Team Thread and/or the final paper.)
    • Summarize the answers to each of the questions.
    • Analyze current job market compensation plans and pay scales in comparison to Astra Zeneca.
    • Explain how each team member will use lessons learned. 



    AstraZeneca has brought you in as a compensation consultant. Here are the questions they would like you to answer for them:


        11-13. Although the case with OFCCP is closed, we wonder if there are any less discriminatory explanations possible for why our women sales reps on average earned less than men. If so, what are they?


        11-14. Our own company now uses a point method to evaluate jobs for pay purposes, and each resulting job class also has a rate range associated with it. Sales associates are now paid a salary that is not based on incentive pay. List three specific things we can do to ensure that a similar problem (inequitable pay based on gender) does not arise again, assuming they continue using the point plan.


        11-15. What sort of compensation plan would you recommend for us, and why?



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