Romeo and Juliet

    Begin with an interesting and informative title
    Make a clear and concise claim (have a focused thesis that is underlined)
    Clearly discusses the findings in the research and what it adds up to
    Offer a variety of reasons to support your claim and relate the text to the research
    Use evidence from the texts of the work to support your claim.
    Use at least 3 secondary sources more if you want.
    Be clearly written
    Use diction and style appropriate to a formal essay
    Be free of grammatical and mechanical errors, including staple, default margins, and page #s
    Be double spaced and in Times New Roman, 12-pt. Font (no bold print), 1 margins
    Be 2-3 pages (minimum of 900 words)
    Follow MLA requirements including Works Cited, in text citations, page format, etc.

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