role of the school nurse

    Introduction It is well established and evident that the role of the school nurse is so critical in providing and maintaining comprehensive healthcare nursing services to children at school. Also include definition and some international statistics .
    Therefore, make certain to EXPLAIN and PROVIDE an EXAMPLE for each one of the following school nurses roles:
    role as a direct care provider to students at school,
    role as a leader in providing nursing care,
    role in screening and referral for different health problems,
    role in promoting and sustaining a healthy school environment,
    role in health promotion,
    role in reviewing, developing and monitoring health policies and programs,
    and role as a liaison between school, parents, and the community.

    Organization of essay is important. In general, the passing essay will have a central idea that is directly related to the assigned question; have a clear organizational plan; develop points with evidence and details in a coherent, logical, and non-repetitious way; and avoid frequent or serious errors in grammar, word choice, and sentence structure.

    required to use not less than 3 references with at least one of these 3 references to be a research-based article. also use as reference book (Nies, M. & McEwen, M. (2019). Community/Public Health Nursing: Promoting the Health of Populations (7th ed.). Elsevier Health Sciences. uint 7 ch 30 schole health.
    also one of the reference should be recent (2015-2020).

    Make sure to answer the question according to the following criteria:
    1- The maximum number of pages is 6 pages excluding reference list.
    2- Use DOUBLE LINE spacing
    3- Use the FONT of “Times New Roman”
    4- Use font SIZE of 12
    6- Provide an APA 6 reference list
    7-plagrism free

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