Let’s put your critical thinking skills to use. There is a debate about what Theodore Roethke poem, “My Papa’s Waltz.  Some see this as a thinly disguised depiction of child abuse. Others interpret the poem as a  fun-filled (if rough) evening between loving father and his son.

    Read the poem below, then In 100-200 words,  write a ROGERIAN FIRST PARAGRAPH for a paper, explaining both positions equally without taking sides. Study the document on “Rogerian Argument” in this week’s module for the details.

    **This is going to be tough for those of you who have strong opinions. give it a try!
    My Papas Waltz
    BY THEODORE ROETHKE (Links to an external site.)
    The whiskey on your breath 
    Could make a small boy dizzy; 
    But I hung on like death: 
    Such waltzing was not easy.
    We romped until the pans 
    Slid from the kitchen shelf; 
    My mothers countenance 
    Could not unfrown itself.
    The hand that held my wrist 
    Was battered on one knuckle; 
    At every step you missed
    My right ear scraped a buckle.
    You beat time on my head 
    With a palm caked hard by dirt, 
    Then waltzed me off to bed 
    Still clinging to your shirt.

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