RLGN 489 Forum: Forum 2 (Module 8)

    In addition to the initial posting, you will reply to the reflection of at least 1 classmate. Your reply must be at least 250300 words. Your replies must provide affirmative feedback, recommendations for improvement, and reflections of event content. In all matters, be encouraging to each other in your replies. Current Turabian format must be used. Additionally, your response should be cogent and concise, substantive, and edited for typos, spelling, grammar, and style.

    Discussion Board 2

    The ministry event performed by myself was a Sunday school class given on the topic of trust. Trust in God, we can trust in God by seeing His past actions and understanding that God can be trusted. Overall there were very few unexpected shortcomings. The class seem to be well received; the teens were able to answer the questions posed to them before and after the class.

                The biblical rationale for this class was to show that God can be trusted with the promises that he has given us, that we can be assured that by trusting in God, God will uphold His promises for not only our salvation but also our earthly existence.  It is difficult for 7th through 12th-grade teens to see how God works in and around them.  That relying on God is much better than relying on ourselves or others. By relating Daniel’s story and having Daniel placing his trust in God and placed in Lion’s den and God provided for Daniel’s safety, the object was to show that God, even in times of difficulty, can be relied on.

                Dissecting the event overall, one shortcoming was the weather warmed up, and as our room is upstairs, I failed to turn on the A/C, so the room was a little warm. Although not detrimental, the A/C would have provided a slightly better atmosphere. Also, as our Internet is somewhat hit or miss, the short video clip provided towards the end of the class could not be shown. Knowing this may be a problem, pictures were inserted into the PowerPoint presentation to allow for the point to be made minus the video

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