Rita Indianas Tentacle

    Prompt 2: Race and religion
    Discuss the ways in which Santeria permeates post-colonial identity and suggests the perseverance of national identity in the novel.
    What is the significance of Santeria in the novel? How is it introduced? At what moments is it mentioned?
    Which characters believe in/practice Santeria? In what ways are these characters connected to Santeria and what is their relationship to one another?
    How does Santeria reflect a resistance to colonialism and a recovery of national identity? How does Santeria shape events in the present and future realities in the novel?
    In what ways is Santeria appropriated? What is the relationship between politics and religion in the novel? In what ways are they tied?
    What is the significance of the sea anemone? What are the circumstances surrounding its contact with characters, and what might this say about the promise or failure of the prophecy?

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