Risk Management

    Perform the following tasks:

    Step 1: From the Kendrick textbook Read

    Chapter 3: Panama Canal: Setting the Objectives (1905-1906)
    Chapter 4: Panama Canal: Planning (1905-1907)
    Chapter 5: Panama Canal: Resources (1905-1907)
    Chapter 6: Panama Canal: Improving the Place (1906)
    Step 2:  Complete a 3-page paper in the form of an essay with your response to the following questions:

    Select two (2) from the case studies above and answer the following case study questions:

    1) Evaluate the sources of risks described in the case studies.

    2) Assess the solutions that were implemented to address the risks.

    3) Describe the impact of the key leaders on the project outcome.

    4) How can you apply lessons learnt from these cases to your current and/or future projects?

    Step 3: Save and submit your assignment.

    Where appropriate, include personal experiences in your answers. Be sure to cite sources of any articles or textbooks used in your answer. Follow APA 7th guidelines to format your paper.

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