Resources for Pregnant Teens

    Molly, a young woman observed in the virtual experience, is an example
    of a pregnant teenager who would benefit from external sources of
    support during her pregnancy. There are many teenagers in her
    In 2 pages (approximately 500 words), students should identify and

    1. The teen pregnancy rates in their community/region; students should compare and contrast with rates in 2 other parts of the country. Students should be encouraged to look for areas that have different types of populations (e.g., urban, rural, suburban, diverse populations, etc.).

    2. Most teens are highly connected online. Students should identify 2
    reputable online resources that could be recommended for
    pregnant teenagers like Molly. Students can consider apps, online
    support groups, blogs, social media sites, and/or informational
    websites, and describe how to access the 2 selected resources and
    the mission/services provided by the resources. Students should
    critique aspects of the resources such as the ease of accessibility
    and accuracy of information provided, nature of the interactivity,
    credentials/reputation of the organization that manages the
    site/resources, literacy level required, visual appeal, creativity,
    use of graphics, etc. What confidentiality or ethical concerns
    are/may be associated with the use of these 2 resources?

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