Research Supporting References

    Research Supporting References

    Research at least two additional reliable sources that will support the information you provide in this paper. Supporting references should be from reliable sources (i.e. peer reviewed journals, Human Service Organization publications, Human Service textbook, Human Service Organization websites, etc.). Additional references will be used to describe your agency, such as private agency versus not for profit agency and communicating what that means. The outline for this paper is below and grading rubric is herePreview the document

    Your report is to be written using APA style. This includes, but not limited to:

    Paper is typed double-spaced, using Times New Roman 12pt. font.
    Be sure to use in-text citations and a reference list of your sources in APA style.
    Remember that sources listed in your Reference list must be used as citations in your text.
    ***No need to include a title page, abstract, or running head***
    Page numbers in the upper right hand corner of your paper.
    Do not use abbreviations in an APA style paper. Spell out words such as dont, isnt, wont etc. – If you use acronyms, you must spell it out the first time introduced. For example, the first time seen in the paper spell out Department of Human Services (DHS). Afterwards it is OK to use DHS in the remainder of your paper.
    Indent 5 spaces for each paragraph
    USE SPELL CHECK/GRAMMAR CHECK! Utilize and I will also use, which also provides a grammar check in addition to potential unintentional plagiarism, so be sure to check you reports!

    Paper Outline:

    Introduction – related to the agency of choice
    Reliable Source #1
    Reliable Source #2
    Summary of how the reliable sources, and any other additional sources, provides answers to the following:
    Types of organizations, background, history, etc.
    How organizations are run, and the processes involved
    Make-up of personnel (roles, education requirements, etc.)
    Internship opportunities, expectations, and process requirements

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