Research Paper

    The movie Concussion, based on the discoveries and research by Nigerian doctor, Bennet Omalu, generated controversy by suggesting that the game of football, along with other sports, promoted serious physical and even life-threatening injuries to players. A barrage of news articles, texts, and documentaries posed the following question: Are Sports Becoming Too Dangerous?

    For this final research paper, follow these steps:

    Choose a sport (boxing, ice-skating, football, rugby, et al), and research 10 to 15 sources generating the pros and cons of the sport.
    In your first two pages of writing, create a case for the benefits of this sport. (Keep your personal feelings removed from these first two pages. Only submit the evidence-based on your research and carefully document that evidence through in-text (parenthetical) citations.
    In pages three and four, create a case for the dangers of this sport. This writing is not based on personal observation, but on your well-documented evidence.
    In pages five and six should be a summation of the conclusions that you were able to surmise based on the research.
    You may include graphs and figures to enhance the position of your essay. These would be inserted as an appendix after your essay and before your works cited page.
    The final page of this paper should be a properly documented works cited page (10-15 sources that were listed throughout your paper). Be sure to include texts and scholarly journals as well as online sources.
    These articles, resources, and websites will get you started, but you must do additional credible research.

    British Broadcasting Co. Are Sports Becoming Too Dangerous?
    National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)
    Journal of Sport & Health Science (JSHS)
    NFL Concussion Litigation
    Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy
    Criteria for This Assignment
    Length and Formatting Requirements

    Five to six pages, double spaced
    Time New Roman, 12-point font
    Works Cited page
    In-text citations
    Organize your paper using the outline described in the instructions.
    Content Requirements

    Locate 10 to 15 reliable, credible, and valid resources about the pros and cons of your sport of choice.
    Write an essay using those resources, citing them properly both in-text and in the works cited page.
    Include your personal opinion only after explaining and describing the research you gathered.

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