Research Essay, CIVIL RIGHTS

    The Research Essay asks that you formally explore an issue raised in the texts we are studying; some research topics connected to the issues we will discuss over the course of the semester include Parker Palmers ideas about education, civil rights, civil disobedience and wellness; Wangari Maathais ideas about the relationship between environmental activism and human rights; and Joe Carters ideas about the power of music, specifically the African-American spirituals (or sorrow songs).

    The writing you produce in response to this assignment will draw upon the texts we have studied as well as the research you complete independently in your Research Assignments and Critical Reflections. Your final Research Essay will:

    develop a clearly articulated thesis statement (argument);
    incorporate a logically organized structure;
    demonstrate the composition skills you have been developing;
    integrate supporting quotations and in-text citations from a variety of sources;
    and showcase your knowledge of MLA style.
    To this end, we will all participate in an introductory Library Information Session led by a BCC Librarian who will walk you through how to access the Librarys resources, discuss the many resources available to you, clarify the importance of incorporating peer-reviewed resources in your academic research, and offer strategies on how to manage the tremendous amount of information available to you.

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