Report #2

    Focus: Design a formal employee performance evaluation and review process that managers can use in evaluating the performance of cashiers at Stop and Shop.  Design a training program to train the managers to learn the new performance evaluation and review process.

    1.Identify and describe the situation by briefly stating the purpose of the report.  Purpose refers to the reason(s) the change is necessary. Reasons why the organization did not conduct a performance evaluation review process.  Conduct a Google search if necessary.  I suggest going to a supermarket to observe cashiers at work.
    2.Briefly identify and describe the steps on the cashiers work process.  Identify and briefly describe the problem(s).  (Different from the symptoms)
    3.Identify and briefly describe your vision of the end state after the completion of training (See #3 under Report #1). What do you expect to be different among the cashiers?
    4.Identify and briefly explain the goals of the training program (See #4 under Report #1).
    5.Identify and describe the new performance evaluation review process in detail (Present the process in measurable steps sequenced to some end point for that process; state the endpoint of the process).  Basically, describe how a manager will conduct the performance review process with each of the cashiers.
    6.Identify and describe the recommended model training program plan for achieving the goals and realizing the recommended vision.  This section requires thorough elaboration.  The training program is for cashier managers who supervise the cashiers. Training Program: Include learning objectives, instructional methods, assessment methods, length of the training process, and description of the training process. Use the Ross book as a guide.
    7.Identify and describe the method(s) and process for evaluating the effectiveness of the recommended training program.  One method can involve assessment post-training.
    8.What are your conclusions (two or more required) (see #8 under Report #1)?Report Plan #2: Change the employee performance evaluation process for cashiers or clerical workers in your organization.  The federal government now requires a formal evaluation process.

    Issues: Organizational Structure, Training & Development, Organizational Culture

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