Coursework Application – Provide one  specific example of how your coursework applies to your internship experience.  For example, describe how the material you learned in your courts class (CRJU301) is illustrated at your work at the courthouse. Or, describe how the material in the victimization course (CRJU401) is brought to life in your work at Meals on Wheels.

    Describe, in detail, the specific event(s) or process(es) or work to which you are applying the coursework material.
    When applying the material from your course, you may cite your notes or texts if necessary.  You may base your analysis on material from non-CCJ courses.

    Reply to A AND B with a suggestion about how material from a different course could apply to their submission. For example, in his post, Antoine describes how material in his research methods class (CRJU325) applies to a specific task he has at the  police department.  Angel replies to Antoine’s post with a description of how material from ethics (CRJU330) could also apply to Joe’s description.

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