Religion of Islam

    I would like you to fix my paper by following the assignment directions, rubric, and comments I listed below.
    I have attached the directions for this assignment (name: Qur’an Paper Topic assignment)
    I have also attached the readings required to do this essay (names: Quran Surah Taha and Madigan.Quran Themes)
    Please follow the rubric carefully.
    4 to 5 pages double spaced for this assignment.
    I got many comments on this paper that I need you to focus on:
    -First, please re-read the guidelines to see the required style of citation.
    -Second, your paper can be a longer, better, and more organized introduction.
    -Third, you should include a conclusion paragraph.
    -Fourth, in the introduction part you presented three themes though you discussed five. Also, themes are generally written as a single word or two words such as God’s attribute, Judgement Day, and Moses. Please clearly express what themes you chose to discuss in the introduction part.
    -Fifth, you do not need to subtitle your body paragraphs.
    -Sixth, in the guidelines, you are required to use only Chapter Taha. You do not need to use the second source. If you want to use, please direct quote and analyze them.
    Seventh, in the guidelines, it is noted that what you are expected to do “is to identify and discuss at least five themes.” You have five themes, you provided at least three quotations, but your paper has a lack of discussions and the existing ones either repeat the same/similar points that is already said and clearly understood in verses or is not strong enough. Strong discussion shows the connection of the quotations with the paragraph. You should show how it is related to the theme, how it supports your points, what your evaluation and views are. Please do not forget to weave your explanations/analyses/interpretations with quotations.
    -Last, read and re-read your revised paper after you complete it and before submitting it. There are some grammar errors and style-related flaws.

    send me a message if you have any questions or problems.

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