Please write an essay about relationships. Again, your essay needs to begin broadly. Brainstorm and consider aspects of relationships as they relate to the three short stories you just read and analyzed.

    The deeper you go in your analysis (looking at the parts that make up the whole– the elements of fiction) the better your paper will be. Use the terms found in the Elements of Fiction in the writing of your essay.


    How do relationships form people’s lives, shape their behavior, and lead them on particular paths?

    Take into consideration the narrator in “The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven,” Louise from “The Story of an Hour,” and  Connie from “Where are You Going, Where Have You Been?”

    Do not confuse The narrator with the author. The narrator in the story “The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven” is unnamed and should be referred to as the narrator.

    Think in THREES. Create topic sentences that reflect an idea you have or an aspect of relationships that you explain, using the stories as support for these ideas.

    All paragraphs should be 6-10 sentences long. You document should be 750 + words.

    The Introduction and Conclusion should have a relationship. Begin broadly and end your introduction with a thesis statement. The thesis statement should be in the introduction and clarify the intention of the essay. If you can’t fit all your intentions into one sentence, so be it, but I should (as a reader) know what your plan is at the close of your introduction. The Conclusion should share a final thought that drives the thesis to its logical conclusion; a “golden nugget.”

    Body paragraphs should have a wise conceptually based topic sentence. All material within each body paragraph should fit accurately inside.

    No personal story within this essay.

    You must use at least three quotes from the short stories for this assignment.

    Answering the prompt in a thoughtful way often helps you derive a THESIS.

    A good thing to do to get started is to brainstorm about relationships and these stories.

    For instance:

    I might think relationships create our personalities.  I would write that on a piece of paper and try and add to this idea. I might write (in a brainstorm) siblings/fighting/communication/a mother’s influence/father figures & girls. Then I think: maybe parents create or sabotage our character. Then I might consider Connie in “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been” and create more thoughts and derive support from that story about Connie and the influence her parents have on her.

    Add sum quotes too that would be great !

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