Regression analysis

    Assignment OverviewUnit 5 – Individual Project
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    Assignment Details

    When the relationship between two or more independent variables needs to be tested, a common tool to use is a regression analysis. Take, for example, a study that shows the relationship between gaming and teen violence or a study that shows a correlation between fast-food eating habits and obesity. Complete the following for this assignment:

    Describe 23 combinations of independent and dependent variables that you could test using a regression analysis.
    What types of results could the regression analysis yield? How could you use the knowledge gained from the test?
    Describe a specific organizational application of correlation and regression that you will use in your future career.
    Describe a situation in your current or former workplace for which it would be appropriate to use correlation and regression to predict a future outcome that the company may be interested in. If you do not have an example for your workplace, please substitute a company that you are familiar with instead.
    Why do you believe it is important for the company to look at these variables? What does the company risk if it does not do this correlation/regression?
    Present your findings as a Word document of 35 pages (body of paper) formatted in APA style.

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